Kindness of strangers

We got a late start today but it’s because we lingered over Maija’s Pannukakku topped w warm blueberry sauce. What a wonderful way to send off 2 way faring strangers!
94 degrees flashed at us as we headed to the Village Bakery to pick up our lunch (hey, didn’t we just finish breakfast???) for the trail. As we headed out on the last leg of the CVT, we were impressed to see on such a sultry day a steady stream of hikers, bikers, and joggers . Since we’ve had so little rain lately most of the little falls along the path had barely a trickle but the turtle we saw swimming lazily in the remains of the real Chemung canal seemed contented. Crown vetch and clover are taking over the wildflower show and I was lucky to find a perfectly ripe wild strawberry (not a dewberry posing as one).
Speaking of lucky, I had just said to Boj “I wish I had thought to bring a piece of fruit” when my wish was granted. We had been hiking for 3 hrs in the heat and were ready for that ham and cheese croissant (the last savory in the case) from the Montour falls’s Village Bakery. As we neared the village of Millport, two brothers one working on a car and the other his garden asked us about our hike. We gave the capsule report and Lee (the gardener brother) asked us if we’d like a tomato for our lunch. It was the perfect addition and I was touched by his thoughtfulness. At the next shady bench, we laid out our feast on the tablecloth that we’d bought on our French hike a decade ago and relished our luck and our lunch. We also pondered over the signs (Truth, Trust, & Integrity) that were tacked to the trees.
Luck also should have been tacked up there since ten minutes before the thunderstorm hit, we wrapped up the hike and arrived at our car. Hard to imagine a more wonderful retirement hike!

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4 comments on “Kindness of strangers
  1. Bonna says:


    • Seonaid says:

      Thx, Bonna. The entire trip was wonderful and I was very happy to have done it. Now I need to see where else a FLOF explorer could go!

  2. Annemarie says:

    It all sounds wonderful! Hope we can catch up soon and that you are truly enjoying retirement!

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