Retirement is wonderful

My day started w a fabulous send off and ended w moonlit dip in my friend Susan’s pond. If I were to imagine a more perfect day, I would be stumped. My retirement party was perfect w colleagues from all over campus, mimosas to make us happy, and beautiful presents that I will cherish. The day’s hike started off cloudy and muggy but soon became breezy and beautiful. We probably hiked 14 miles (did you forget the pedometer, janet?) and spent much of the trip quizzing David on the finer points of tree identification. The lambs wool that Anne tucked onto my pack saved me from a blister on my little toe. We arrived at Joan’s house @ 6:30 and she had gin and tonics and spanokopita (sp?) waiting for us. We toasted w kir royale and celebrated Martha and Mitch’s 30th anniversary, friendship, and retirement.
Perfect day!

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8 comments on “Retirement is wonderful
  1. Kathy says:

    Ari and I are glad you had a good first day of your hike!

  2. sheila mccue says:

    sounds beautiful, jan! so great to know you are being celebrated and cared for by your community.

    I miss being there with you:( and hope to see you soon…


  3. Kornelia Tancheva says:

    I hope you are enjoying the trek, Janet! Post more narrative impressions, though, not just pictures!

    Sipping wine (not Finger Lakes) and thinking of you (i.e. living vicariously through you),


  4. Thomas says:

    The perfect start to what will undoubtedly be a long and wonderful adventure that is the next chapter in your life. Keep posting the pictures. And let us know when the highland dancing starts!


  5. Bonna says:

    Lovely. I, too, can’t wait for more of your elegant prose.

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